– Innovative biofilter based on construction residues for the deodorization of industrial atmospheric emissions


Sanimax inc. is a family business that has been developing animal by-products for nearly 80 years. The deodorization of the ambient air of this plant is provided by seven biofiltration units totaling 4,200 m2 of surface. Sanimax inc. and the CRIQ felt it was appropriate to carry out this R & D project in order to improve environmental performance while reducing the costs of biotechnology. The identification and analysis of the materials as well as their deposit were carried out in collaboration with the Centre de Transfert technologique en Écologie Industrielle. The tests aimed at determining and comparing the purification and aeraulic performances of the different packings were carried out using a test bench in real conditions over a period of six months. This presentation will reveal the main results obtained as well as the very interesting economic, environmental and social perspectives for the scaling up of this new biotechnology.