– Geophysics, a tool in the investigation of contaminated lands that reduces uncertainties


Geophysics is a powerful tool for the characterisation of contaminated sites. It allows to cover an important land surface at a reasonable cost, and can bring many useful complementary information.

Geosphysics can be the link to complete the missing parts of the history of a contaminated site, some information being lost through time. Different approaches allow the acquisition of a representation of soils or polluted areas. Geophysics can also be used to identify underground structures, pipes, etc. that will lead to a better management of the field work and an increase in the field crew’s security. On top of that, a good characterisation of the field with geophysics makes more efficient the conduction of the field work (g.e implementation of boreholes), leading to cost optimization and a reduction of the financial risk for consultants.

We worked on many cases that, in terms reduced uncertainties in the environmental assessment of contaminated lands