– Estimation of chlorophyll-a and blue-green algal blooms concentrations by remote sensing: a case-study


The «Vitrine technologique» program of the City of Québec allows Groupe Hémisphères to demonstrate a case study of its SCHORE remote sensing tool; the protection of drinking water sources in Quebec City. SCHORE allows the estimation of chlorophyll-a (Chl-a) concentration using multispectral satellite images to document algal blooms in freshwater lakes. With the frequent passages of the targeted satellites, it is possible to monitor several times a week the Chl-a concentrations of lakes in the Saint-Charles’s river watershed. Ultimately, SCHORE will be able to monitor water bodies in near real-time to quickly inform people concerned by surface water quality. To improve SCHORE’s performance, in situ surveys were conducted on more than 11 lakes located in the Saint-Charles watershed in 2018. These in situ data were correlated with SCHORE’s Chl-a concentration estimate. Preliminary results of the 2018 season are shown in this presentation.