– Energy Transition : Sustainable Innovations from the Research Side


The Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en opérationnalisation du développement durable presents three sustainable innovation projects on the theme of energy transition, which will be followed by a panel. Here are the points that will be addressed:
– Bioenergies and energy transition
– BELT project demonstrates the significant reduction of GHGs in transportation through the production of second generation biofuels from biomass from logging residues.
– Comparison of energy sectors
– Results of a comparative study of the environmental footprint of the different sectors and power generation packages in different regions of the world, concerning non-renewable or renewable thermal sectors.
– Towards smart and more sustainable use of ICTs
– Three examples illustrating the minimization of GHGs through the intelligent use of ICTs: real-time data collection on the electricity production of a network of data centers; use of data by machine learning in smart homes; presentation of two new standards in development.