– Drone Imagery for Environment and Biodiversity Survey


The use of UAVs in the field of environmental management is a very recent and already very promising technology. The drone’s applications are multiple and in full development, as evidenced by these few concrete cases developed in our presentation.

The primary advantages of the application of drone technology are the precision of the images, the low acquisition cost per m2, the repeatability and the flexibility in the shooting dates, the speed of deployment, the efficiency, the uses and the diversity of image types (thermal, infrared, multi-spectral and even laser with Lidar).
With the advent of new image processing and acquisition methods, drones are expected to provide managers with new tools, such as Digital Terrain Models, color orthophotos, and mid-infrared in the near future. We will present here 3 typical cases where the drone proved useful for the management of natural wet or aquatic environments.