– Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Applications in the Environment Sector


Artificial intelligence is more and more present in our environment, but before implementing applications of artificial intelligence, we must know what it is and what it can bring us. During this presentation, we will demystify what this new technology is. As a first step, we will clarify the vocabulary frequently seen in the media: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithm and Internet of Things. In a second step, we will quickly skip the evolution of artificial intelligence since the 1980s, to help us understand why technology is happening today. Thirdly, we will explore the typical applications of deep learning in the environmental sector, as well as the limitations encountered. Using handy examples and using a common vocabulary, the manager will now be equipped to understand artificial intelligence, find out what the application opportunities are in his industry, what the potential gains are, and what the limitations are with the current technology.