– Climat’Eau: Fighting the effects of climate change through a multisector systemic partnership


This multisector partnership, funded by the government of Quebec, is set in a lakeside community of 120,000 inhabitants in Sô-Ava, Bénin where water is at the heart of the life and survival of the population and where the effects of climate change pose serious threats to the population.

It was conceived with a systemic approach aimed at building resilience of populations against the effects of climate change and rests on 4 key pillars, ie awareness building, water treatment, the development of a business ecosystem and academic research on participative governance.

The partnership is pushing boundaries and innovating, in part through the strong interest and active participation of the partners, the national authorities and new stakeholders, and is now exploring implications around agriculture and waste management.

The conference will demonstrate how such multisector partnerships are ideally suited to address global complex economic, social and environmental issues.