– Case Study: How to Avoid Failure in the Design and Installation of Permeable Reactive Barriers


This talk will showcase innovative and recent advances in the science and technology behind the design and installation of zero-valent iron permeable reactive barriers (PRB) using a real-world case study. Project components to be profiled include:
• Data review and gap analysis for the site;
• Bench-scale proof-of-concept treatability testing;
• Preliminary full-scale design incorporating computer modeling and sensitivity analysis;
• Physical profiling of the PRB alignment at the site using the in-situ Hydraulic Profiling Tool;
• Updated and final detailed design for the full-scale PRB;
• Installation of the “funnel and gate” RB using a biopolymer slurry for excavation support;
• On-site QA/QC testing of the reactive media and emplacement methodology; and
• Follow-up performance monitoring of treatment effectiveness.