– Case Studies: Overcoming Persistent Contaminant Rebound Using Adsorptive Technologies


In the past, Vertex has observed how injecting Activated Carbon (AC)-based amendments can be used to provide a quick, effective and sustained treatment for chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and other contaminants in a matter of weeks. Previously the use of AC in the subsurface was limited due to the finite adsorptive capacity of the AC emplaced. New technologies allow for both adsorption and subsequent treatment of organic contaminants using efficient modalities. Solvents are treated via the well known chemical reduction pathway. Hydrocarbons are treated via anaerobic biodegradation, which provides a more efficient and sustained treatment compared to aerobic biodegradation. As contaminants are degraded, adsorption sites on the AC once again become accessible to quickly adsorb more contamination from the groundwater, thus overcoming the “rebound” problem.