– Biodegradable hydraulic fluid used underground at Eldorado Gold Lamaque


The legal and environmental issues of underground mining sludge at the Lamaque Mine site (Triangle zone) cause many challenges in 2017. Indeed, these issues associated with the sustainability of groundwater, the sensitivity attributable to proximity to the City of Val-d’Or, the legal management of petrochemical hydrocarbon-contaminated sludge and the costs associated with the management of these hydrocarbons led to a strategy to replace petrochemical hydraulic fluids from underground heavy machinery.

The whole sector was solicited : supplier, guarantee of supply of bio-oils, conversion of the fleet of equipment, legal chemical analyzes of sump sludge and deregulation of it in accordance with standard methods tested by accredited analytical laboratories. and the Provincial MoE (MELCC). CofA requests were ultimately produced and obtained in support of this whole environmental improvement process.