– Bio Waste – a renewable energy resource Anaerobic : Fermentation of Separated Solid Organics


Sustainable management of biomass recycling combines energetic with material reuse with the goal of optimizing overall energy recovery and CO2 reduction. This is achieved by removing and capturing bio methane which in turn is used to replace fossil fuels, reducing the amount of compost generated, while achieving favourable treating costs.
In 2003 the Germany banned the use of landfill sites.
Since then biowaste fermentation has become considerably more important and many successful projects have been realized.
HEINZ has actively participated with this and also operates a plug-flow fermentation plant for source separated organics as part of a public private partnership (P3).
Our experiences with this plant, as well as from our other projects, we want to highlight the benefits of the dry fermentation process in the treatment of source separated organics.