– Innovative Storm Water Management Approach to Protect St. Charles Lake and the Water Intake, Quebec City


Saint-Charles Lake is Quebec City’s main drinking water reservoir. Scientific studies reveal a state of concern and accelerated eutrophication. Since 2010, the runoff water from various tributaries has been qualified as dubious or bad. Considering these findings, the protection of this water resource is essential and the improvement of the runoff quality discharged into the lake becomes a priority. In order to do so, the City has implemented various green infrastructures in the sub-basins of the most degraded tributaries in order to reduce runoff quantity produced (infiltration), to slow down its flow (retention) and to reduce its pollutant load (treatment). The approach to improve storm water management will be presented, as well as an overview of the green infrastructure implemented, such as vegetated infiltration ditches, bio retention areas, artificial marshes and the monitoring put in place.