– Ammonia nitrogen valorization in struvite formation process using a novel electrocoagulation process


Treatment of ammonia nitrogen in groundwater, surface water, domestic and industrial wastewaters for various clients in the mining, food, slaughtering house and waste management (including landfill) industries is challenging with conventional treatment technologies due to several limitation factors. Such factors, when biological treatment systems are used, include the presence of toxic contaminants in the water that can affect the performance of the ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacteria or the limited footprint available on site. Other challenges can be associated with the high operating cost in chemicals and energy of physico-chemical treatment technologies such as air stripping or chemical oxidation processes. We will describe this novel process to remove ammonia nitrogen based on the struvite (an agricultural fertilizer). In addition, two case studies will be presented: the retrofit of this novel process to an existing mine water treatment and a landfill impacted groundwater treatment.