– A comprehensive biofiltration model and its calibration and validation for a large-scale nitrifying WRRF under upgrade


A biofiltration model has been developed for the Seine Aval water resource recovery facility, the largest in France (SIAAP, Paris region), which is being upgraded. Based on biofiltration models found in literature, several improvements are realized with respect to mass transport and biological reactions. Evaluations of energy consumption (aeration and pumping) and greenhouse gas emissions are also integrated to the model. The model was calibrated and validated for the nitrifying biofilter process with large datasets collected before and after the upgrade of the plant. The simulation results show that the model can well describe the performance of the process for different treatment configurations using the same parameter values. The objective of this presentation is to share the practical modelling methodology and results of the modelling work for the nitrifying biofilters of the Seine Aval WWTP.